I love to paint and draw, I create sequential imagery for stories, books & screenplays.  Visualization of other worlds, expressing an experiential dimension; expressing human psychology through marrative.  I want to see it, express hidden truth, create understanding.

Personal interests invest my best work.  I remember obsessively copying every lace in my tennis shoes, instantly understanding perspective, craving to unravel the anatomy under my skin.  My works follow an autobiographical drive; a struggle to understand a unified expression of reality: physical, phycological and, yes, spiritual.  20 years ago I stepped beyond the veil of illustration and film and tumbled through galleries, performance, politics & social activism.  When clients and friends work with me they get my boundaryless mind.

The psychology of our human spectacle is my meat.  We’re all immersed in an otherworldly media illusion of costumed peoples, alien environments, ritualistic political theater perpetual war extending from modern cities to rural villages.  Modernity is Wayne Coe illustration’s heartland. 

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