Trump Virus

Fear of Clowns

No-Terror Tax Increases

Final Count

Capitol Megaphone

Mr. Mob Goes to Washington

Witch Hunt

Empire profit bombings.

Real  estAte  opporTunistS

Watervliet School Officer

Ken Starr Report Issue #1


Infinite Mirror, Mona-Clinton


White House Study

Swingers, Mona-Clinton

Cigar, Mona-Clinton

Flight Student


Britney and Denzel

Suppressed Pentagon 9/11

Flight 93

Jumper Stunt Shoot

Regime Change

Guantanamo Guard Dog

War Model Box:

Guantanamo Guard Dog

U.S Occupation

U.S. Occupation Model Box

Improvised explosive device, kids’ tech.

Honest War Model Boxes

Black Water

Green Zone, Hummer

“Green Zone”

on military Humvee door.

“Jackie Iraqi”

on military Humvee door

“Jackie Iraqi”

on military Humvee door.

“Stella Stealth”

on military Humvee door.

“Smart Blondes”

on military Humvee door.

Photo Op!

Ghost Bond

Dismantling U.S. WMD